About Me

Hi there, I'm Adam Cave - Ayland. Furniture designer, tinkerer, casual jazz saxophonist, and amateur baker.


- Product and furniture design degree

- 1 year educational furniture design and install experience

- 3 years KBB design, sales, and install experience

- 3 years corporate joinery design experience

In Depth:

So I was that kid you struggled to get out of the workshop when the bell went, and came back to grab some time on the lathe in lunch breaks. I lost my first thumb nail aged 5 trying to build a small boat in my parents garage - I recall my parents being queried by teachers about neglect, but only the opposite was true; I was learning how to make something that doesn't fall apart, and the consequence of poor action. My first bit of turnery was around age 9. My first pewter casting aged 15. I built all my own speaker housings for my first car aged 18. Few personal things I did were ever "necessary", but just a fantastic experience and excuse to learn.

University just expanded the skill set, giving me bigger toys to play with and a chance to get hands on with industry level software. There I seemed to thrive. "Geek" is the favourite term, but being devoted to getting right into the grit of the limitations of each software suite just seemed to suit me. Thus a career path was formed.

To keep it short and sweet.


Good design is a pleasure in its own right. This will never change, and if I can help out your business by being a reliable outsource component then both parties I hope shall benefit.